aginfo Pty Ltd was formed in 1995 to provide Internet services to the Australian meat industry.

Since that time we have developed a range of Internet applications including websites, online conference registration, e-commerce, exchanges and a global supply chain for a major International food company.

We are a customer focused company and most of our clients have been with us for 10 years. Innovation and practical knowledge of the food industry means we build sites and software that is guaranteed to show strong returns on investment.


We have a core team of experienced programmers, website developers and webserver administrators. The main programmers have been on board since 1996 and all are graduates of first class universities including UNSW, USyd and UTS.


Static and dynamic websites built in a range of programming languages and middleware including PHP, MySQL database, Cold fusion. We use both Unix and Windows platforms. Websites recently completed include a global supply chain for McDonalds Asia-Pacific Consortium. Other areas of expertise include online conference registration software, e-commerce online shopping carts and related software.

We also offer flexible hosting in both Windows and Unix platforms and full service domain name registration and management.


Brian Todd is the Managing Director and holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Sydney. Brian served as CEO, Region of the Americas, Australian Meat & Livestock Corporation in New York and has a long career in business, marketing and administration.

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